Meet the Johnson Family

Meet the Johnson Family



Percival Johnson founded Johnson’s Grocery Store in 1969. He is a thoughtful man who is an avid listener to talk radio and is always ready for a good political discussion. He believes that hard work is the key to success.



Manager Darrel Johnson has been working in the store since he was five years old. He introduced computerized accounting and is responsible for most bookkeeping. He is also active in local affairs and has served on the Local Council.



Jamal Johnson handles the Family’s Summer Boyz golf cart rentals and supervises the crew that takes delivery from the incoming ships each Friday and Saturday. Jamal is also a local DJ and can frequently be found spinning records at Goombay’s.



After many years behind the counter at Johnson’s, Curtlin Johnson is mostly active today in her local church and in the interfaith community choir where she is known for her passionate devotion and praise.






Darrel’s boy Darien Johnson is in training as stock boy.