Four Clever Lifehacks for Traveling When You’re Sick or Injured

Whether it’s because you’re stressed out or because you’ve been stuffed into an economy class seat next to a sick person, travel has a tendency to make people feel a bit under the weather. If you have the misfortune of traveling while you’re ill, here are some clever, lifehack-style tips that can help you make the best of a bad situation.


1. Soothe a sore throat with liquor (but not the way you think!)

Chugging alcohol is likely to dry out your throat, making your soreness more pronounced. However, there is a way to use alcohol to help with a sore throat. Simply dampen a washcloth with high-proof alcohol such as vodka (or shochu, which Katayama prefers), and apply the washcloth to your neck. The alcohol will irritate your skin slightly, increasing blood flow to your throat and speeding up the healing process. Underage? You can get a similar affect with a mustard plaster.

2. Stop cuts from re-opening with superglue.

It sounds a little dicey, but superglue can help minor cuts from re-opening. If you’re out of Band-Aids and you don’t want the person next to you on the plane to see you bleed, this technique can help. The superglue will wear away over the course of about three days.

3. Relieve rashes and itches with shoe polish.

So you got a nasty rash from your walk through the woods, and no store has any calamine lotion or anti-itch cream. Surprisingly, white shoe polish can stop itchy skin — the polish contains pipe clay, which can soothe skin.

4. Battle an upset stomach with some all-natural tricks.

Combat the runs with yogurt and chamomile tea. The chamomile soothes your irritated intestinal tract, while the yogurt can correct the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Have the opposite problem? Acupressure can help get things moving again. There’s a pressure point on your right hand near your wrist that can help.

Causes of Migraine Headaches in Women

Women suffer from migraine headaches more often than men. In fact, according to Science Daily, there are three times as many women that suffer from migraines than men who experience this condition. And in many instances, these are painful migraines that cause sensitivity to light, nausea and other problems. But what are the causes of migraine headaches in women? Here are some answers to that question.



Being pregnant is a common cause of migraines which is probably one of the reasons more women suffer from these headaches than men. Fortunately, migraines do not cause any harm to the unborn baby. Most of the headaches that occur during pregnancy happen during the first three months. But after the first trimester, the woman’s body typically produces an increased level of estrogen which helps relieve the pain and discomfort.


Stress is one of the major causes of migraine headaches in women. Stress is triggered by a variety of factors, including anxiety, depression, emotions and more. While it is nearly impossible to completely rid your life of stress, you can control how you react to the various stressors, so you reduce your chances of getting a migraine. Learning techniques for relaxation will help you deal with stress productively, so you don’t have to worry as much about getting migraine headaches.


In many women, migraines are simply one of the effects of menstruation, along with fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms. According to research, about 40 million women have migraines of varying severity during their menstrual cycles which is attributed to the drop in estrogen levels during this time of the month. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in order to relieve some of the pain when this is the cause. There are anti-inflammatory drugs that you can take to help as well as hormonal manipulation drugs and antidepressants. Of course, you should always use these types of medications under the full supervision of a medical professional.


According to a study by Dr. Edward Lichten, many women have migraine headaches as they go through menopause because of a genetic defect which causes estrogen levels to drop significantly. Women who have severe migraine headaches during the menstruating years typically have the same types of headaches when they are going through menopause, too. There are preventive therapy techniques, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and other methods that you can use to relieve some of the pain during these years.

Migraine headaches are nothing to take lightly. In many cases, they can be debilitating. That’s why it’s important to know the causes of migraine headaches in women, so the triggers can be identified and dealt with effectively. Speak with a trusted physician to find the best treatment for your migraine if they are chronic and if they keep you from living your life normally.

5 Simple Steps To Release Stress And Feel Grounded

It is surprisingly simple to feel grounded, hopeful and appreciative when your life is on the up and up, yet throughout unpleasant times it could be easy to fall into a trap of feeling like crap consistently.

A smart mentor once helped me through a tough time and advised me to relax during the not-so-upbeat moments: “You know Simone, there’s this thing called life, you’re in it. Unhappiness, anxiety, schedules, outlandish individuals — this is life”.

18628350_The Benefits Of Meditation At Work

While those words may sound rough, it’s actual and it places things into a realistic viewpoint. You can either manage it by dealing with yourself-adoring and gracefully, or let it depress you. I included the “adoring and gracefully” part — so very needed!As I was exercising on Sunday it dawned on me that I ought to compose a post on the most proficient method to get grounded when you are feeling pushed. For me, exercise and these tips I propose are what keeps me grounded. I am truly sure you can get through life’s good and bad times without junk foods, sugar, drugs, liquor, pills or any actions that are not for your highest good.

Concentrate on these 5 tips to feel more grounded, less unfocused and happy! The mystery is to do these things before you are in a stressful storm with the goal that you can take inspired action to get to where ever feels best for you. How about we call it… stress-anticipation!

1. Discuss it (don’t gripe), then let it go. Moving stuff out into the open is beneficial. Keeping things in is not so great and these sort of negative feelings breed ailment. Actually, I recently had a client let me know that she’s only going to act with grace and ease as she goes through one of the most upsetting times of her life. She at long last settled on a noteworthy all around beneficial choice on the grounds that she sensed she was developing disease in her body from the measure of anxiety she was under.

Express to somebody how you are feeling or record it in a diary — the key is to get it out with the goal that you can release it.

2. Invest time with individuals you adore and respect. Joyful, constructive, hopeful individuals are infectious, right? In the event that your social relationships are more intrigued by celebrating each night of the week, grumbling or participating in less than great practices, is this going to help your circumstance whatsoever? Not likely. Rather, invest time with individuals who bring out the best you! It’s as straightforward as that.

3. Less crying, all the more relaxing.

It doesn’t get simpler than that. Two approaches is to:Inhale more: Take 10 big tummy breaths when you are feeling restless, furious or pushed.

Do yoga!

4. Invest in time alone.

I get on edge and peevish when I have no time to myself. Life is sometimes demanding and I frequently end up from consult to consult and afterward coaching sessions to coaching sessions — there’s that “life” thing once more! I can simply hear that amazingly aligned lady in my brain at this moment as I compose this. If my “private Simone time” is then used playing around online after working throughout the day and no time to myself to do yoga, ruminate on life’s mysteries or head out for a walk, this makes me extremely tired. Life is about decisions and the lovely thing is YOU make the decisions!

5. Stay away from processed sugar and junkTo what extent do you give into your cravings? So many people view cravings as a weakness.  It is actually your body’s way of telling you it needs you to take notice, give it some nourishment and to maintain a happy balance.  Instead of depending on  processed sugars, reach for fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.