Johnson Grocery

Welcome to Johnson Grocery Store in beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas, where our friendly staff is waiting to serve you, our most valued customer. Here at Johnsons we have the best prices on the island, everything from cooking and cleaning items to soft drinks and snacks.

Take advantage of free delivery

You’re busy cooking dinner and wish you had one more ingredient? Just call 242-333-2279. We deliver anytime we’re open, and there is absolutely no minimum purchase.
Special order your favorites

If you’re a regular to Harbour Island, you know the grocery boats only arrive on Thursday and Friday. So if you arrive on island Tuesday, you may have trouble finding the groceries you want. Or perhaps you’d like to get something you rarely see on store shelves here. Just let us know by emailing our special order form.

johnson_counterSave cash,
run a tab

Most visitors prefer to conserve their cash and pay by check in one lump sum upon departure. Just sign for your groceries instead of paying cash. With our computerized bookeeping, we enter new purchases every night. So you can stop by anytime to pay your bill.


Johnson’s Grocery Store
PO Box EL 27144
Dunmore Street
Harbour Island, Bahamas
Fax 242 333-2618, Tel 242 333-2279, email [email protected]